Stitching Together a Wonderful Life!!

Stitching Together a Wonderful Life!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tonight is the Night!

Well as I said earlier hubby is at a game so I am gonna get some things started. Kids are in bed and I need to stop watching the game on LiveStream and get busy! I went through the material bin and plan on cutting out 2 aprons and hopefully at least one quilt! To keep your interest here are a few pictures of the kids and their aprons and a giraffe I made for Lincoln for his birthday.

Just talking to mom tonight about my fabric obsession. I think I could own like every piece of material out there and still want more. The sad part is I hate cutting into any of it for fear of ruining it! Weirdo, I know! Hopefully my next post actually can show you some progress I am making. Fingers crossed!

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