Stitching Together a Wonderful Life!!

Stitching Together a Wonderful Life!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back in the Saddle.....

Well, here we go again. This time I will try to post more often and keep my blog going. Maybe since basketball is done I will have more time for all of my interests! First of all my kiddos!! I love coaching, but man will it be nice to be done right after school.

I have the craft bug pretty bad. About a million ideas are swirling in my head. Anybody else have this problem? The real question is if I can accomplish any of the million ideas!?! Head bands, pillows, softies, dresses and skirts for the girls are just a few of the things I WANT to make!

I will keep you all updated on my progress!!!

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  1. I love that you are doing this. I miss all of you guys. I will be checking back to see what is happening with you.