Stitching Together a Wonderful Life!!

Stitching Together a Wonderful Life!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Holey Moley my Dempsey is 1!!!!!!!

How time flies, a sentiment that is often stated, but not really understood until you are a parent. My sweet baby Dempsey is no longer a baby!!! Happy Birthday girl! Her real birthday is May 11 and we celebrated just with our little family and a giant cupcake. She loved it and the frosting!!

However we had our big family celebration today. When I say big, I mean just my immediate family, but as you know with my family, that means big! :) I always want a fun cake, but never know exactly what to do. So what does a girl who wants to make a fun cake do.......go search Pinterest of course! I found a few ideas and a recipe for a cream cheese pound cake. I jumbled all the different ideas together and came up with this cake......

It is a cream cheese pound cake, like I mentioned before, but made it a rainbow cake with the fun banner on it. I had never made a pound cake, had never used a bundt pan and jimmy rigged a banner using paper, tape, sharpies and small paintbrushes! To my surprise it all came together and ended up pretty cute. The inside of the cake was pretty fun to.

The in-laws made their famous homemade ice cream and fresh strawberries. I think that is actually why most of the family comes! Ha Ha. It really might be that good too! I love having all the family over!

Before I wrap it up I want to also say Happy Mothers Day to my own mom and my sisters! What great mothers and people they are! I can't say enough about all of them and how much I love them!

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